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We mange a multitude of social profiles across numerous industry types.  Without fail, we find HUMOR always "engages" audiences the most.  With that in mind, we've decided to start re-posting humorous items we find around the net. Feel free to share these with your network. Enjoy.

When the love is gone

When the love is gone..

Our love is dead - meme

In the sad event your Valentines didn't go so well, or other love affairs, here is a funny meme you can send your ex if they don't have a restraining order against you. If that meme doesn't work for you browse our collection of other dired flowers over in the COVERS channel and make your own. :)

Poem in Meme:

Oh my sweet,
our love is dead !
In remembrance,
I give you this
dried red rose
sitting on
a pig bone.


Photo by Michael Zittel

Snake photo bomb!

Snake Photo Bomb!

When taking a selfie, be sure your pet snake doesn't photo bomb you.

Snake photo bomb!

Source: Joe Griffith

Thanks for sharing Joe!

Bulmastiff Scrooge - He really hates the 12 Days of Christmas

This is a MUST watch! It's awesome! Thanks Curt Kendall for sharing.

Meth - Before - After

Funny photo labeled Meth Before After. Picture of a bright, shinny R2D2 from Star Wars, the BEFORE. The AFTER, a dirty trash can with a round, dome lid like R2D2. Lol.


Walking Dead Meme

Walking Dead humor. Funny. Sorry Governor.
Source: Facebook -

Captain Kirk watches Miley Cyrus performance

You don't even need sound to enjoy this hilarious video.

No it's not a hat.

It's a spaceship

Image description: Boy with a box on his head pulls a pair of blue swim goggles from his eyes and says, "No. It is not a hat or a box. Obviously, it's a spaceship."

A boy in a box

Boy sitting in empty box amid toys

Image Description: A boy sit in an empty box amid a gazillion toys scattered about. He thinks, "I have a gazillion toys but nothing beats an empty box. Why is that?"

Have you climbed a watermelon today?

Have you climbed a watermelon today?

Meme description: Close up a watermelon wedge set against a blue sky. The watermelon peaks against the clouds like a mountain. A silhouette of person with arm raised in victory stands atop the peak. In the sky, the question is asked, "Have you climbed a watermelon today?"

No you wear it

No. You wear this stupid hat and sweater to school

Photo description: Boy in English country cap and a gray sweater, Mickey Mouse shirt, shorts, white socks and blue gray shoes is taking the sweater off and with a pissy face says in a text bubble, "No, you wear this stupid hat and sweater to school."

You are going to share. Right?

The holidays are nearly here and our thoughts are turning with the season . Last night, our pooch looked hopefully on as we ate a snack in the family room. I took a photo, and made this humorous meme. Enjoy. *Of course, he did get a snack.
Dog in front of fire, with a look that says, you are going to share, right?

We also added the ASPCA to our new non profit channel. Check out all the ASPCA social profiles here. Or, directly at their website.

Darn nice of my humans

Darn nice of my humans - Dog humor

Description - An older brindle boxer sleeps on a red velvet sofa. His head is on the pillow. In a thought bubble he thinks, "Darn nice of my humans to buy
this red velvet sofa for me. They need to clean up the slobber though..after I wake up, of course."

Image source:

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