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Authentic espadrille canvas handcrafted and sole are made of jute thread. Be sure to follow us on In...

Personal and corporate reputation management services. Where your reputation is our reputation. Be ...

Slydz Eyewear

We sell interchangeable eyewear. Be sure to follow us on Instagram too!


Offers a range of online information and services to the residents of Alston Moor parish, from free ...

Simply Laundry

Simply Laundry is a 24-hour online laundry and online dry cleaning service in Toronto downtown which...

Network Security Services

Home Security and Home Automation provider using the latest technology and licensed technicians to g...

Sundance Exteriors

Sundance Exteriors Unlimited, Inc. is a locally owned and operated home renovation contractor compan...

Mundial Treasures

Mundial Treasures hosts of variety of crafted goods from around the globe. We pride ourselves on fai...

CT Generator Solutions

We provide stand alone and full home back up generator solutions for homes and business in lower Fai...

Snohomish Locksmith

Snohomish Locksmith 24Hr (425)5555-445 Locksmith in Snohomish Wa offer Commercial, Residential, Auto...


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    Published in Business

  • Slydz Eyewear

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  • Cybermoor

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  • Simply Laundry

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  • Network Security Services

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  • Sundance Exteriors

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  • Mundial Treasures

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  • CT Generator Solutions

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  • Snohomish Locksmith

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  • Nice Infographic of Facebook Marketing

    Found this nice infographic over at It's a nice infographic of the history of Facebook Marketing and why FB social marketing has become preferred among many social media marketers. Source: Daze Info  
  • Facebook Funny

  • Picking Good Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers: Looking Beyond The Brand Name

    Choose outdoor blue tooth speaker

    Picking Good Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers: Looking Beyond The Brand Name

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make when buying outdoor Bluetooth speakers – or any piece of electronics for that matter – is to rely too heavily on overpriced yet underperforming brands. A pair of cool Bluetooth speakers does not need to cost hundreds of dollars to get the job done.

    So without further ado, here are a few guidelines to help you pick out a great Bluetooth speaker set by scrutinizing its merits and not just its brand name:

    1. Equalizer Settings – most outdoor Bluetooth speakers won’t be able to match the sound quality of fully-fledged speaker systems, but it’s still worth noting how the speakers sound. You’ll be able to better adjust the sounds to your liking if the speakers come with built-in support for equalizer settings.

    2. Portability – one great advantage of outdoor Bluetooth speakers is the ability to bring them around with you where they are needed the most. They need to weigh under a pound, maybe under a pound and a half tops, to be light enough to carry around. The dimensions are worth noting as well, since some speakers can be carried around in your pocket while others need to be toted around in a separate bag.

  • 360 Video Ball Anyone?

    360 Video Screen Anyone?

    Puffer Fish Video Displays - 360 degrees

    Have you ever crammed around a laptop for a video conference? Ever jostled for a better view while watching a sports game at a party? Ever wanted to feel like you lived in a sci-fi fantasy world? Well, there is no fantasy about it. Check out Puffer Fish Displays. They offer a crystal ball video screen that literally displays media in a 360 degree sphere. It reminds me of Lord Of The Rings: Two Towers and Prometheus when the Android activates the Aliens spaceship navigation. Besides having one of these for personal fun, the business applications are pretty exciting. Beyond just "display" and signage for museums and trade shows, their displays can also be interactive. Because of the relative novelty of the displays, I would pretty much stop at any trade show booth, store, kiosk that had one of these. I want one. I want one. I want one!

  • MOZ Domain Authority and NEW Extensions

    MOZ Domain Authority and NEW Extensions - Wait for it..

    MOZ domain authority and new domain extensions 2015

    Some months ago we bought some new domains with the new extensions like .company, .today, etc. Though both domains are ranking well in the SERPS for their respective keywords, we've noticed that the Moz Domain Authority has held steady at 1, which every new site gets.

    Patience, we thought. Patience. Well, finally we asked MOZ directly if they have issues and the new domain extensions, and what do you know?

    YES, MOZ is having problems with setting domain authority for new domain extensions with Mozscape API connected products like the Firefox browser plugin. Here is what they said specifically on the FB conversation we had..

    "You are correct. Unfortunately, we're still working on upgrades to our tools in order to better serve the new domain extensions. Right now, they are not working. We expect this work to be done within the first half of 2015...Specfically this affects our Mozscape API, which is used for DA, PA, and our OSE tool. Moz Analytics and our other tools are just fine with the new extensions."

    So, there you have it. If you have a domain with a NEW extension such .gallery, .company, .today, etc, your domain authority will not change from 1 until some time in the first half of this year.

    Does that mean you should not continue working on building great content and your in-bound marketing efforts? Of course not. It just means we have to wait little longer until the new domain extensions have been incorporated into MOZ. When they are, your sites DA and PA should increase dramatically if you've been practicing good content and in-bound marketing strategies.

  • Snake photo bomb!

    Snake Photo Bomb!

    When taking a selfie, be sure your pet snake doesn't photo bomb you.

    Snake photo bomb!

    Source: Joe Griffith

    Thanks for sharing Joe!

  • Have a personality - Now that's good social!

    Have a personality - Now that's good social!

    Have a personality - Now that's good Social - Waterworks.

    Source : Waterworks Facebook

    One of of the biggest mistakes small and large companies make with social media marketing is they forget the "social". Everything they do is old school marketing - sell, sell, sell! That's a sure fire way to kill your social media audience. People want to know about brand. They want to know the people and personalities behind the brand. They not only want this, they need it. They need to feel there is some humanity behind it all. Of course, brands have to be careful not to stray into politics or religion (Unless of course that is part of their mission), but they should definitely reveal their human side. Even though corporations are legally considered people in America, corporations are not really people. People are what make a corporation and people are what make social media marketing successful. And, on that note, the above holiday meme, I thought was a very clever, and a fun way to show the people behind the large luxury brand WaterWorks. (They are an international bath and kitchen company known for quality, artisan products and are beloved by the interior design community).

    Well done WaterWorks. Well Done!

  • Bulmastiff Scrooge - He really hates the 12 Days of Christmas

    This is a MUST watch! It's awesome! Thanks Curt Kendall for sharing.

  • You can stop obsessing about Page Rank now. Dec 2014

    Most SEO and online marketing professionals know the Google tool bar Page Rank stopped being an effective indicator of a websites authority about a year ago. However, there is still tons of sites trying to sell advertising based on their websites "Page Rank" as well as individual companies obsessing about why their page rank has not gone up despite all their efforts of good brand seo.

    Though Google still uses PR in the back end of the algorithm, they have said in their typical sideways fashion, they are most likely NOT going to be updating PR again. John Mueller from the Google Switzerland team said this in a video post to the official Google Webmaster channel.

  • Phalcon: Efficient PHP Framework for Quick Web Development

    Phalcon: Efficient PHP Framework for Quick Web Development

    Hypertext Preprocessor, commonly known as PHP is the most popular scripting language used for web development. A vast majority of web developers prefer working with PHP, as it is one of the most user friendly scripting languages that is easily mixed with various web frameworks, HTML code and templating engines.

    Another advantage of PHP is a large number of frameworks it provides. One of such frameworks is Phalcon. This high-performance and lightweight PHP framework is used for the development of websites and web applications.


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