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Antique Corner Inc

New York's Largest Estate and Fine Jewelry Buying House Call us for Free Appraisal! Phone 212 278 0993 Fax 212 278 0193 Manhattan Diamond District. Be sure to check out our Instagram page as well. Ins...

Softtrix Web Solutions is Google Adwords and Bing Certified.Offering a full complement of services for contemporary businesses both small and global, Softtrix Web Solutions is a specialist in search e...

We help home owners and commercial project managers find licensed Connecticut Contractors. We also provide professional services such as we web design, internet and social marketing, photography, lead...

JW Eskew Designs

JW Eskew Design provides custom architectural millwork through out Fairfield County Connecticut, Westchester County NY and the greater New England area from NYC to Boston.

Stock Photography Company

StockPhotography.Company provides high quality, high resolution, royalty free stock photography for immediate download. Browse their ever growing collection of photos and start using legal images in ...

Sportsman Industries

Sportsman Folding Saw With 10 Inch Curved Blade. This Professional Hand Saw Tool is Best for Survival Gear - Camping - Gardening - Backpacking - Landscaping - Bug Out Bag - Hunters or any Outdoorsman....

Bernie Sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is the longest serving independent in U.S. congressional history.

Harper Long

Harper Long is the Amazon Best Selling Author of ‘Werewolves and Wallflowers’, a gay kindle paranormal romance series. Wallflower, Conner Stonebrooke, would rather be left alone to read about the were...

Cannonball Advertising

Cannonball Advertising Firm is a full service internet marketing and web design agency located in Lake Worth, Florida. Services include PPC, SEO, content marketing, social media, press release distrib...

Northern Outback

Load up and away you go.  The Northern Outback Wood Tote can take it.  Designed with large handles, making it easy on your hands. or an over the shoulder grip.  Owning two of them can also counter bal...

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Latest News

  • Photo of mother and daughter hands

    Photo of Mother and Daughter hands. Black and white. Nice for your Mothers Day memes. Download photograph here. Photograph by Lara Jonas.  
  • Hippity Hop Construction Site - Fun photo series for Easter

    Check out this fun collection of whimsical photos called Hippity Hop Construction Site over at The photo's have visual narrative of a toy rabbits and chickens building an Easter basket in a field of jelly beans. Just in time for your Easter memes. Enjoy.  
  • When the love is gone

    When the love is gone..

    Our love is dead - meme

    In the sad event your Valentines didn't go so well, or other love affairs, here is a funny meme you can send your ex if they don't have a restraining order against you. If that meme doesn't work for you browse our collection of other dired flowers over in the COVERS channel and make your own. :)

    Poem in Meme:

    Oh my sweet,
    our love is dead !
    In remembrance,
    I give you this
    dried red rose
    sitting on
    a pig bone.


    Photo by Michael Zittel

  • Linkedin More than finding a job

    Linked In - More than finding a job

    How LinkedIn Can Do More Than Just Attract Jobseekers
    LinkedIn offers a great job posting service that employers and jobseekers alike find easy and intuitive to use. But this is not where the value of LinkedIn ends for businesses. This platform is just as powerful for marketing as Facebook or Twitter – if you take advantage of its unique features. Where other social media sites are geared toward updates and messaging, LinkedIn is focused on groups and profiles.
    There are numerous venues for discussion and connection that can make excellent business-to-business networking opportunities. Let’s explore some of the ways a business can take advantage of this excellent platform to generate sales leads and more.
    Get It Online, Make It Great
    Just as with any other social media platform, the more effort and enthusiasm you put into your profile and activities, the more valuable it will be. There are many features of LinkedIn that businesses are taking advantage of in unique ways.
    Read more ...  
  • How to Crowd Source Investment Capital

    Crowd funding investment capital
    How to Crowd Source Investment Capital

    Businesses today are raising capital in some incredible new ways. The movement to shift toward “crowdfunding” efforts is generating a broad conversation as consumers, investors, entrepreneurs, and lawmakers around the globe are considering the pros and cons of using the web to connect businesses and capital.

    While Kickstarter is perhaps the most well known crowdfunding platform, there exist many (often specialized) platforms for raising capital online. This is a tremendous opportunity for start-ups and small businesses.

    Read more ...  
  • Happy Valentines - Last minute creative commons collection

    Happy Valentines - Last minute creative commons collection

    Hapy Valentines - Love should be a sweet sticky mess

    Inspiration struck yesterday and we created a collection of chocolate images as you can see below. These make great Facebook, Twitter covers, memes, or whatever you like. All are Creative Commons, which means you can use them any way you desire. Just be sure to give us a source credit. To download the whole collection of 10 hi-res hhotos just give us a Tweet using this button..

    Read more ...  

  • Hootsuite Love List - Check most loved social brands

    Find top social brands each month

    HootSuite Love List

    Ever wonder who the top social brands are? Wonder no more. Check out Hootsuite's LOVE LIST, which compiles a list of the top 450 social brands based not only on likes and followers but also on a big data from their uberUV platform. They combine the following items to determine a companies score.

    Read more ...  
  • 3 tips to boost social media marketing

    3 tips to boost social media marketing

    3 Tips to Boost Social Media Marketing

    Everyone is talking about how social media is the latest, greatest marketing platform. There are so many ways to reach people and to understand what they want and why, it almost seems like a no-brainer. However, many do not seem to believe that social media can work for them or have failed to generate the desired results. This could be due to strategy, tactics, or the emphasis of the campaign.

    For professionals falling in the category of skeptics, or those simply stuck with how to take advantage of these platforms, keep the following ways to use social media to boost sales and drive profit margins in mind.

    Read more ...  
  • Perfect valentines mood - LED bulb speaker color light combo

    Perfect valentines mood - LED bulb speaker color light combo

    Romantic led light bulb with speakers and color lights

    Need to set the perfect mood with sound and light for valentines? Check out this led light with built in speakers that changes colors with whatever music you are playing. But on a little Barry White or whatever gets you in the mood and the light changes color to the beat. Sweet.

    Read more ...  
  • What's up with Utah tech?

    This is interesting. In 2010 the most common job in Utah was a Truck Driver. Now, in 2014, its software developer... Hmm. What's going on in Utah??

    This is interesting. In 2010 the most common job in Utah was a Truck Driver. Now, in 2014, its software developer... Hmm. What's up with Utah tech??

    Utah Tech Boom

    Image source:


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